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Thank you to every laurentian!

The Campaign for Every Laurentian is the most successful fundraising initiative in University history. 

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Over 20,000 Laurentians helped move the flag for St. Lawrence!

A final impact report for The Campaign for Every Laurentian will be available later in the summer of 2021.

We have exceeded the goal by $5 million so far...

$230 M raised of $225M Goal

$225 Million Goal

In Case You Missed It: The Laurentian Celebration Recap

Campaign News

  • Sullivan Student Center with Fireworks at night

    University Raises $230 Million, Campaign Sets New Record for Giving

    Outpouring of support fuels reimagined role of the University and liberal arts while strengthening connections around the world.

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  • Learning for the 21st C - Sophomore Journeys

    Public Health Endowed Professorship Named to Honor President Fox

    When an anonymous donor made a transformational gift of $15 million as part of The Campaign for Every Laurentian, the commitment included two fully funded endowed professorships in Public Health. It was the donor’s intent to ultimately rename the Trustee Professor in Public Health as the William L. Fox Professor of Public Health upon President Fox’s retirement in recognition of his exemplary leadership.

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  • Lynn Fox with Joan '74 and Dick Corey

    Fox Center for Academic Opportunity Receives Leadership Gift of $1 Million Endowment

    St. Lawrence University, through The Campaign for Every Laurentian, is pleased to announce an extremely generous commitment of $1 million by Trustee Joan Corey ’74 and her husband, Richard “Dick” Corey, to the newly designated Fox Center for Academic Opportunity.

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Campaign Big Ideas and Priorities

Endowing Our Future

Learning for the 21st Century

The Power of Connections

Campus Stewardship

The St. Lawrence Fund is the Cornerstone of Laurentian Giving.  It is a way every Laurentian can participate and make their gift count during this campaign. 

Though we come from different places and different backgrounds, there are certain things that bind us to this University and to each other

SLU was where I really started to learn how to make decisions, lead people, and get things done.

Edward Keable '83

I wanted to give back to something I am passionate about in a big way.

Bobby Gates '19

St. Lawrence is a magical’s the people who create the magic.

Eliza Maher '20

There are hundreds of people who would go out of their way to take a phone call or grab a coffee with a St. Lawrence student or alum.

Sean Kelly '15

My entire St. Lawrence experience has influenced my work as an educator.

Tishara Joseph '13