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Laurentians Care: Advancement Updates

As Laurentians seek information on our engagement and fundraising programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have provided a direct link below for quick access to answers.

Stay Safe. Have Hope.

As Laurentians, we share a powerful connection.

Now, we share a responsibility for ensuring an even stronger St. Lawrence for future generations.

$184 M raised of $225M Goal

$225 Million Goal

Campaign News

  • Herring-Cole

    The St. Lawrence Endowment, Today and Tomorrow

    As COVID-19 sends financial shocks through investment markets, Laurentian support and renewed commitment gives the University a sense of stability.

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  • Class of 2020 Celebrates with President Fox

    The Campaign for Every Laurentian Stays Focused

    To date, Laurentians have given more than $182 million to The Campaign for Every Laurentian. The number of donations exceeds 55,165 from more than 19,159 donors. Since the beginning of the Campaign, these gifts have made a remarkable impact on the students and the University.

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  • Chapel Spire from the Avenue of Elms

    It’s the People You Know, Always

    As committed volunteers, donors, and alumni, the Olszewskis are being honored as recipients of the G. Atwood Manley Award for 2020. It recognizes Laurentians who support the University with a planned gift through their estate.

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The Campaign for Every Laurentian Video

Campaign Big Ideas and Priorities

Endowing Our Future

Learning for the 21st Century

The Power of Connections

Campus Stewardship

The St. Lawrence Fund is the Cornerstone of Laurentian Giving.  It is a way every Laurentian can participate and make their gift count during this campaign. 

Though we come from different places and different backgrounds, there are certain things that bind us to this University and to each other

St. Lawrence, to me, is committed to the idea that every Laurentian belongs.

Ed Forbes '02

My time studying abroad with the London FYP and in Copenhagen my junior spring really shaped my experience at St. Lawrence.

Duff Archie '18

A sense of trust and a sense of community.

Tyler Senecharles '20

Every Laurentian is considerate.

Tumo Koontse '19

The current generation of students at SLU are very conscious of and concerned about the environmental issues that we are confronted with and are keen on helping to solve these problems.

Aswini Pai , Associate Professor of Biology