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Building on the Success of Every Laurentian

Looking back now on the Campaign, it’s clear that it brought all of us together in remarkable ways.

Every Laurentian has his or her own unique reasons to make a gift to the University.  Every gift, though, has one thing in common: It allows every other gift to make a greater impact. 

Trustees Jay Ireland '77, P'00 and Sarah Johnson '82, P'15

Trustees Jay Ireland '77, P'00 and Sarah Johnson '82, P'15

Appleton offers a clear example.  The $10 million gift from Tom Dolan ’74, Dolan Family Foundation made it possible for other Laurentians to give and add their names to the storied history of Appleton Arena and the Skating Saints. 

This ripple effect is evident in every area of campus, from academics and scholarships to experiential, off-campus learning and the Laurentian network that connects graduates to successful careers. 

Consider Roger Wade ’79 and Charlotta Chung ’08.  He made a major, unrestricted gift to the St. Lawrence Fund, making it possible to:

•    help students and faculty present their work at academic conferences,
•    send academic and athletic teams to compete in their finals, and
•    add new technology to enhance research and allow more students to collaborate on projects around the world.

Charlotta also gives to the St. Lawrence Fund.  She directs her giving to the St. Lawrence Scholars Program and supports the intellectual development of some of our most promising students. 

Her donations help students focus on learning.  His contribution offers students opportunities to showcase their knowledge.  Both gifts allow the other to do more.

This is central to giving in support of the University and to the character of St. Lawrence, itself.  Through our support for the University, we stay connected and help each other realize our aspirations. 

By repeatedly demonstrating this over the past six years, the Campaign reaffirmed and strengthened the bonds between every Laurentian.  Ultimately, giving to St. Lawrence clarifies that we are part of a community that continues to change lives for the better. 

Working together, each of us ensures that our University will keep doing this important work for generations to come.

With sincere thanks to every Laurentian,

Sarah E. Johnson ’82, P’15
Campaign Co-Chair and University Trustee

Jay W. Ireland ’77, P’00
Campaign Co-Chair and University Trustee