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Campaign News

Rendering of Appleton Phase II Project exterior Rendering of Appleton Phase II Project exterior

St. Lawrence Receives $5 Million Gift to Support Division III Athletics Program

St. Lawrence University has received a $5 million lead gift from George W. Karpus ’68 towards the second phase of the Appleton Arena renovation and expansion project.

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  • Caring for St. Lawrence Students

    Across the country, the mental health of college students was a growing concern before COVID-19. St. Lawrence had expanded counseling services. Since the novel coronavirus began spreading, University counselors have been reaching out to students and offering help.

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  • Laurentians in Healthcare Respond to COVID-19

    In their own words, St. Lawrence alumni now working in healthcare share experiences from their professional lives this year—and some similar reflections from their undergraduate studies, including using their time on campus to combine their interests in science and caring for others.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion and Every Laurentian

    Now is the time to put our values into action.

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  • It’s Still St. Lawrence

    The Laurentian experience is once again on campus and it’s streaming online to students everywhere.

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  • Launching a Career During a Pandemic

    As St. Lawrence students prepare for a changed job market, they need the unique networking assistance that only our alumni and parents can provide.

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  • How to Build a Learning Community

    Each year, St. Lawrence accepts fewer than half of all the students who apply. These are the learners who excel. They have options. Why do our enrollees choose to come to St. Lawrence?

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  • University Receives $3 Million Gift to Launch New Center for Career Excellence

    Inspired by St. Lawrence University’s high priority investment to make career programming a cornerstone of the student experience, Hilary Ayn Valentine '89 has designated her recent $3 million gift to the University endowment as the means to launch the new Center for Career Excellence.

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  • The Campaign for Every Laurentian Stays Focused

    To date, Laurentians have given more than $182 million to The Campaign for Every Laurentian. The number of donations exceeds 55,165 from more than 19,159 donors. Since the beginning of the Campaign, these gifts have made a remarkable impact on the students and the University.

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  • The St. Lawrence Endowment, Today and Tomorrow

    As COVID-19 sends financial shocks through investment markets, Laurentian support and renewed commitment gives the University a sense of stability.

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