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Campaign News

Group of students standing outside of eBay office during SLU Connect trip. Group of students standing outside of eBay office during SLU Connect trip.

University Receives $3 Million Gift to Launch New Center for Career Excellence

Inspired by St. Lawrence University’s high priority investment to make career programming a cornerstone of the student experience, Hilary Ayn Valentine '89 has designated her recent $3 million gift to the University endowment as the means to launch the new Center for Career Excellence.

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  • The Success of Fundamental Change

    Saints Reach Liberty League Semifinals

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  • The Wake-up Call of COVID-19

    St. Lawrence’s public health programs take aim at redefining innovation and leadership during turbulent times.

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  • The World As We Know It: Remote transitions and augmented realities

    The Campaign for Every Laurentian commitment to Learning in the 21st Century began long before our accelerated adoption of online instruction and has manifest in many different ways across campus.

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  • Fashion-Forward Philanthropy

    How Gretchen Scott ’72 is generating scholarship funds through her St. Lawrence–inspired activewear collection

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  • A History of Inquiry: Prestigious Laurentian Professorships

    Honoring faculty, furthering scientific and artistic work at St. Lawrence, and strengthening the University’s finances in perpetuity

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  • In Competitive Markets, Laurentians Help Each Other Thrive

    St. Lawrence connects current students with successful alumni and parents in some of the hottest job markets across the country.  It’s launching great careers — in great places.

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  • Mi Casa es Su Casa

    Rita Goldberg did a lot more than teach Spanish at St. Lawrence.  Now she’s planning to do even more.

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  • How Giving Shapes Laurentian Lives

    St. Lawrence does not mold students, partly because Laurentians cannot be molded. Instead, we help each other find meaning in ourselves, our curiosity, and our aspirations. This story is the first in a series looking at how we transform each other.

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  • Becoming Laurentian

    Using a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, St. Lawrence is developing a program to help our struggling sophomores develops a sense of belonging.

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