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Campaign News

Sullivan Student Center with Fireworks at night Sullivan Student Center with Fireworks at night

University Raises $230 Million, Campaign Sets New Record for Giving

Outpouring of support fuels reimagined role of the University and liberal arts while strengthening connections around the world.

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  • “St. Lawrence is Family”

    Planning a gift to St. Lawrence that honors a beloved sister and the whole Laurentian family.

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  • The Power of Fellowships

    For careers, internships have never been more important. For internships, St. Lawrence alumni and parents are absolutely essential.

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  • The Gifts of Progress

    Two gifts—totaling $18 million—put The Campaign for Every Laurentian in sight of a successful conclusion.

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  • Freedom to Excel

    How the Julie Black Hitch ’88 and Jordan Hitch endowed scholarship made room for Samantha DelMartino ’21 to thrive.

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  • A Legacy of Relationships, Trust, and Teamwork

    No matter how you addressed him, when you saw Don Leet in Augsbury, on the field, in the classroom, or even at the poker table, you knew your interaction with him was going to make you a better person.

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  • Fox Center for Academic Opportunity Receives $1 Million Gift

    St. Lawrence University will benefit from a $1 million grant made by the Eisner Foundation to the endowed fund that supports the Fox Center for Academic Opportunity.

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  • Campaign Enters Final Phase

    Now is always the right time for Every Laurentian to get involved in shaping St. Lawrence’s future.

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  • Shaping the Future by Living Laurentian Values

    Alumni join in on the IDEAL conversation

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  • Scholarships and Who We Are

    The impact of student scholarships at St. Lawrence can’t be overstated. More academically gifted students have been able to attend St. Lawrence—and realize their aspirations.

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