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Sophomore Fellows 2018-19 Announced

As part of the Sophomore Journeys Grant, six sophomores have been selected for Digital Scholarship Fellowships. The program is designed to create opportunities for sophomores where digital technologies, methods, and culture are subject to critical inquiry in the liberal arts. 

LIT's Digital Scholarship Group will be working with fellows Kira Delhagen, Alexandra DiOrio, Hannah Gailey, Connor Giltz, Brittanie Gordon, and Delaney Yates.

“The program is designed to enable sophomores to investigate and gain proficiency with a variety of digital platforms, while also critically reflecting on the related impacts on our culture and society.”  

During the Fall Semester students are engaged in a series of workshops and tasks where they are developing skills in the use of digital technologies for scholarly research.  

In the Spring semester, the fellows will collaboratively plan, develop, and build their own digital projects while working as a member of one or more project teams, assisting with digital labs and project support.