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Nicholle Gotham '20 Nicholle Gotham '20
St. Lawrence Fund

Nicholle Found Home, Herself, and Her Future

There’s nothing like a scholarship.

At St. Lawrence, scholarships change our students’ lives. Nicholle Gotham '20 is an excellent example.

She knew about St. Lawrence her whole life. She grew up about 30 minutes from Canton, but never thought she’d come to school here.

In high school, she was one of only a few exceptional students to earn St. Lawrence’s prestigious Augsbury North Country Scholarship.

“It made me consider St. Lawrence in a way I just hadn’t before,” Nicholle says, adding that scholarships say some powerful things.

“When I heard that I was selected, it was like all these Laurentians reaching out to me, saying, ‘We think you’re special. We want you to join us.’”

She’s exactly right: Every scholarship is a statement. Each one is the combined voices of alumni, parents, faculty, and staff saying, “We care about St. Lawrence. We want more exceptional students to become Laurentians and care for this place like we do.”

Supporting scholarships through the St. Lawrence Fund means greater access to the transformative, St. Lawrence liberal arts education.

Look what it did for Nicholle:

In her First Year Program, she explored environmental studies, rhetoric, and concepts of sustainability. Studying off-campus in the New York City Semester, she secured an internship with WNYC, one of the biggest public-radio stations in the country. That, and her work as digital editor of The Hill News at St. Lawrence helped her land a news internship at North Country Public Radio.

“I reported on things that really mattered to people,” she says. “It was a meaningful experience. But that’s true of my whole time here. I understand now why so many Laurentians call this place ‘home.’ I found community here. I changed here and I like the person I’ve become.”

After graduation, she’s planning on going to law school.

“I want to work on policy,” she says. “I want to help people.”