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The Power of Connections - Internships - eBay (2) The Power of Connections - Internships - eBay (2)
Learning For The 21st Century

Laurentians Prepare to Become Business Leaders

Four St. Lawrence University students were selected for eBay’s new Finance and Analytics internship program in Summer 2017—an impressive showing given that hundreds of college students from across the country applied.

Three of the four—Paul Nakamura ’18 and Jennifer Scudder ’18, both of Fairport, New York, and Ben “Webb” Campbell ’18 of Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts—are business in the liberal arts majors, double majoring in economics, math, and communications, respectively. Even before they wore caps and gowns and walked across the commencement stage, all three had job offers in-hand to begin working upon graduation in eBay’s Finance Futures Program.

Nakamura credits the Laurentian alumni network: “SLU offers a plethora of networking events, and ever since I was a freshman, I would go to every single one,” he says. “I was kind of awkward at first, with cold and sweaty hands. But the more I went to, the more comfortable I got.  I met a ton of alumni, and it’s inspiring to see where they’ve gone since graduating.

They’re so passionate about St. Lawrence, and it’s super heartwarming to see.”

The students first met Andy Cring ’92, eBay’s vice president for Global Financial Planning and Analysis, after they had applied to eBay’s Finance and Analytics internship and were personally interviewed by him on campus.

“When we started to define the type of students we wanted for these roles, I knew we had to include St. Lawrence in our list of campus visits,” Cring recounted. “We wanted well-rounded students with a strong background in finance and analytics, coupled with great communication skills and a strong desire to succeed.”

It’s those communication skills, particularly, that may have made the difference.

“Where Webb, Jenny, and I specifically excelled during the internship was the social skills department, which is something SLU should really be proud of,” Nakamura says. “We have such a small, close-knit community that even if you don’t think you’re learning these skills, you’re unconsciously developing them.”