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The Power of Connections Landing - Laurentians Create Bonds The Power of Connections Landing - Laurentians Create Bonds
The Power Of Connections

Laurentians Create Bonds that Lead to Advantages

Trustee Jennifer Curley Reichert ’90 is intimately familiar with the power of connections. As the president and CEO of a Washington, D.C., public relations firm, she knows it takes a strong network to navigate the capital’s complex business and political scenes.

“Students would call me for advice, and I’d refer them to an alum on Capitol Hill or in Washington’s business sector,” she says. “We saw success, but to help more students, we needed something more formal.”

Enter SLU Connect: the program brings students to D.C. to interact with alumni, get a behind-the-scenes look at workplaces, and gain crucial career insights. Students are more knowledgeable and confident. Alumni couldn’t be happier to share their expertise.

“It gives alumni a path to reconnect with St. Lawrence,” Curley Reichert says, “and students get connections to the best jobs.”

Currently in its third year, the program has seen impressive results. “We’ve had students land internships in Congress, the State Department, and the World Bank,” she says. Now, SLU Connect is growing by expanding into other regions of the country.

“With the right funding,” Curley Reichert says, “we’ll help more students make the connections they need to launch influential careers in a diverse array of fields across the country.”

Fostering connections between students and alumni mentors is the Laurentians Investing in Networking and Careers (LINC) program.

Mike Arpey ’85, P’17 saw a need and provided funding to launch the program.

“A lot of people feel like they want to pay it forward,” Arpey says. “There were people who stepped up for them and made a big difference. Now, they can honor those memories by helping a new generation.”

Laurentian connections are natural extensions of who we are. By investing time and financial support to expand these programs and develop new ones, we can elevate St. Lawrence and our abilities to deliver the best possible outcomes for our students.