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Kasarian Dane Kasarian Dane
Endowing Our Future

The Importance of Being Laurentian

It’s always about Laurentians, working together to make the future better. Do that long enough and you build a better history, too.

Annie Montgomery ’68 established a St. Lawrence scholarship to have an impact on future students.

“I hope it will help them understand — and have an appreciation for — those Laurentians who came before them,” she says. “Each generation plays an important role in making this such a meaningful place for those who come after us.”

Montgomery's perspective echoes a “Big Idea” at the heart of The Campaign for Every Laurentian: Endowing Our Future. It is recognition of both Laurentian giving and the important impact this giving has on students and the student experience.

By funding scholarships, we provide greater access to more exceptional students. In a similar way, professorships help the University recruit and retain exceptional faculty members. Bringing these promising Laurentians to campus lets this place do the important work it's done for generations: connect curious minds that learn and accomplish more together.

“This is where it starts,” Montgomery says, “with an appreciation for our education and what a joyous experience it was. The alumni network reinforces it. At every turn, there's an event: an alumni get together, a Presidential reception, or hockey game. These are wonderful ways to stay connected.”

She's found a number of ways to do just that.

Montgomery has stayed in touch with several close friends that she met at St. Lawrence. She also provided students with internships and career mentoring and remained engaged with the University through her service on the Alumni Executive Council. She continues to meet more Laurentians and her circle of St. Lawrence friends keeps growing.

For Montgomery, St. Lawrence is both her history and future.

“Endowing a scholarship reinforces that,” she adds. “I talked with my children about the University, how much it means to me, and I consulted my financial advisor. The time was right to make this gift.”