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Learning for the 21st C - Sophomore Journeys - 'IHE' Program Learning for the 21st C - Sophomore Journeys - 'IHE' Program
Learning For The 21st Century

'IHE' Publishes Faculty Op-Ed on Sophomore Program

Robert Thacker, Dana Professor of English and chair of Canadian studies, and Sarah Barber, associate professor of English and faculty coordinator of the Sophomore Journeys program, co-wrote an opinion article that was published in Inside Higher Ed on improving the sophomore-year experience and St. Lawrence's Sophomore Journeys program.

"At St. Lawrence, we created a menu of sophomore seminars and held discussion dinners," Thacker and Barber wrote. "The seminars were shorter than usual courses, designed to feel different and focused on questions of personal values. (Two sample titles: “The Meaning of Life” and “What’s Important to Me?”) These seminars have continued and, through a 2016 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are in the process of expanding them as a central element in a program we have called Sophomore Journeys."

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