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Roger Wade '79 Roger Wade '79
St. Lawrence Fund

How Can I Help St. Lawrence?

Unrestricted giving

Laurentian donors who want their gifts to quickly help their alma mater have a direct path to make that happen.

It’s called unrestricted giving and it includes donations to St. Lawrence that help us meet our most pressing needs.

Unrestricted giving also ensures that the University’s priorities are funded annually.

Recently, the University has seen a growing number of donors choose unrestricted giving. It is now an increasingly popular way to help St. Lawrence provide an inspiring and demanding undergraduate education in the liberal arts.

Nearly every Laurentian who makes unrestricted donations says:

“I trust St. Lawrence. I know the University will use these funds to meet its most pressing needs, whatever they may be and whenever they present themselves.”

Roger Wade ’79 said that recently, after making a major gift to St. Lawrence.

“I don’t really have a cause within the University,” he says. “I don’t feel a need to name a scholarship or direct my giving to a certain discipline. I leave that up to the administration. Whatever they feel they need, there it is. That’s how I’ve always thought about giving.”

After graduating, Wade went to law school, then co-founded GW & Wade, a wealth-management firm that provides income, tax, and estate planning, as well as other services. In both his professional and personal life, he has developed a thorough understanding of philanthropy and the power of unrestricted giving.

“I’ve always given annual gifts to the University,” he adds, “but recently some stocks appreciated and it freed me up to think about my charitable wishes.”

Wade stresses the benefits of philanthropic giving through appreciated securities.

“You get a charitable deduction for the full, fair-market value of the stock transfer,” he says. “Let’s say I bought some stock for $50,000 and with time it grew to a value of $200,000. I then contribute that same stock now valued at $200,000. I’m able to deduct that full value, and therefore save about $60,000 on my taxes and the charity gets to use all $200,000. It’s a win-win. Donating appreciated stock is just a great way to go. Otherwise, you sell the stock, pay the tax on that sale, then you donate the cash, but don’t get the savings in income tax. So appreciated stocks are the best way to give.”

Wade adds that there are two other important components to giving, two sides of the same coin: reflection and gratitude.

“When I talk with people about philanthropy,” he says, “I advise them to reflect on how they got to where they are. Institutions help, but within those, there are people. In my case, I had professors who instilled confidence in me and that helped me do well academically. My cross-country coach, Ron Hoffman ’54, P’79, GP’14, and my teammates, they were talented and dedicated and they kind of pulled me along.”

Wade refers to this as recognition of gratitude.

“I’m just grateful for the education I got,” he says, “for the institution that St. Lawrence is, and for the people who helped me along the way. Designating my giving as unrestricted is a way to acknowledge all that by helping others to benefit from St. Lawrence like I did.”

To learn more about making unrestricted gifts to the University, please call 888-758-4438.