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Endowing Our Future

A $1.5 Million Gift Supports Scholarships for Student Leaders

Endowed scholarships enhance the University’s stature in a competitive marketplace. High-achieving high school graduates want to know that St. Lawrence has the financial resources to help turn their ideas into reality.

St. Lawrence recently received a $1.5 million gift to benefit our students. By adding these funds to an existing endowed scholarship, the donor will make a powerful impact, quickly: more of our students who demonstrate leadership will have greater access to a St. Lawrence education.

To date, this endowed scholarship has helped 12 exceptional students pursue their aspirations in science, finance, health, and the arts. Each one has proven, through their extracurricular efforts, they have the drive and confidence to manage important projects and get successful results. This new gift ensures that the fund will continue to support high-achieving St. Lawrence students well into the future.

The $1.5 million contribution to the scholarship is part of the $15 million transformational Campaign gift St. Lawrence received earlier this year. In addition to helping our students, the anonymous donor has another goal for the support: to inspire others.

“When a scholarship provides the means for a deserving student to receive a first-class college education,” he says, “there is no more tangible evidence of the positive impact of philanthropy. Building St. Lawrence’s endowment for scholarships is essential to our ability to attract the best students, reduce the need for student debt, and sustain the University’s mission over the long term. I hope this gift will encourage others who wish to support The Campaign for Every Laurentian to consider making endowed scholarship a part of their plans.”

Supporting endowed scholarships at the University is a continuous investment in St. Lawrence’s liberal arts education, the innovation of our faculty and students, and the intellectual achievements that fuel future Laurentians’ optimism and sense of purpose.

“These elements are key to prospective students,” Florence Hines says. The St. Lawrence vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid adds, “We attract academically talented students from a wide variety of backgrounds. The generosity of our alumni who endow scholarships enables us to make a St. Lawrence education available to all who seek it. These funds also enhance the University’s stature in a competitive marketplace. High-achieving high school graduates want to know that St. Lawrence has the financial resources to help them turn their ideas into reality. When we’re able to show these prospective students — and their parents — that our alumni are committed to making St. Lawrence accessible, these applicants are far more likely to become Laurentians.”  

Since the Campaign began in July 2015, St. Lawrence has raised more than $20 million for student scholarships. Nearly 80 percent of these funds have gone to existing scholarships, the remainder have created new scholarships.

Increasing the giving that strengthens our endowed and current-use scholarships is an important goal of The Campaign for Every Laurentian, the biggest fundraising initiative in more than 160 years of St. Lawrence history. The Campaign’s $225 million goal will support four University priorities: Endowing Our Future, Learning for the 21st Century, the Power of Connections, and Campus Stewardship, as well as continued support for the St. Lawrence Fund.