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Campaign News

Bill Martin Bill Martin

Alumnus Gift to Support Arts & Theater at St. Lawrence

A $1.5 million gift from a Class of 1967 alumnus and North Country native will go toward supporting theater and performing arts programming at St. Lawrence University for years to come.

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  • Luce Foundation Awards Prestigious Grant to St. Lawrence

    St. Lawrence University was awarded the esteemed Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award by the Henry Luce Foundation in order to build on the success of Laurentian women in the sciences.

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  • St. Lawrence Awards Fall 2018 Innovation Grants

    St. Lawrence University announced the Fall 2018 Innovation Grant award recipients, which include purchasing glasses to correct color vision deficiency, chargers for students’ electronic devices, mental health events that take place outside the Counseling Center, alternative alcohol-free first Saturday events, interpretive signage at building entrances, and bat boxes.

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  • Faculty Awarded Mellon Wide Angle Learning Grant Stipends

    Five St. Lawrence University faculty have been awarded stipends from the Mellon Wide Angle Learning Grant project.

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  • St. Lawrence Launches Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign

    St. Lawrence University publicly launched The Campaign for Every Laurentian with a celebration that took place on campus from Oct. 25 to 27.

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  • Crossing Boundaries

    Major grant funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has enabled St. Lawrence to make significant progress in advancing digital scholarship on our campus.

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  • Art, Dictatorship, and Human Rights in Chile

    Janis Broder '20 is working with Tamara Feinstein, Visiting Assistant Professor, and the Digital Scholarship Group, to build a digital platform supporting their research project: "Forging Memory: Chilean Art and Politics."

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  • The Campaign for Every Laurentian: A Conversation with Campaign Co-Chairs

    Trustees Michael “Mike” Ranger ’80 (MR) and Sarah Johnson ’82 (SJ) prepare for the launch of St. Lawrence’s largest campaign to date: The Campaign for Every Laurentian.

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  • Laurentians Create Meaningful Legacies Through Scholarships

    Actor, author, humanitarian, and philanthropist Kirk Douglas ’39 attended St. Lawrence during the time of the Great Depression and during a time when Jewish people were widely persecuted. His own experiences made him mindful of students who face significant struggles, and his Laurentian spirit of philanthropy inspired him to give back.

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  • Laurentians Support Strength in Mentorship

    When a star men’s lacrosse player died in an accident in 2015, Jordan Dow ’18 and the rest of the team were left feeling lost and unmoored. What pulled him and his teammates through their devastation was the devotion that Head Coach Mike Mahoney ’93 showed to the men’s lacrosse community.

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