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Campaign News

Claire Anderson '19, Alex LaMantia '19, Sam Heikkinen '19 and Kayla Nielsen '19 Claire Anderson '19, Alex LaMantia '19, Sam Heikkinen '19 and Kayla Nielsen '19

St. Lawrence University Receives $15 Million Transformational Campaign Gift

St. Lawrence University receives the full funding on a $10 million outright gift and a $5 million planned gift from an anonymous alumnus.

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  • Becoming Laurentian

    Using a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, St. Lawrence is developing a program to help our struggling sophomores develops a sense of belonging.

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  • SLU Repeats as No. 1 Among Peace Corps' Top Volunteering Schools

    For the second straight year, St. Lawrence University ranks No. 1 among small colleges and universities on the Peace Corps’ list of top volunteer-producing colleges and universities.

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  • Fostering Civil Discourse in Political Conversations

    A major gift to the University will help Laurentians put our knowledge and culture to work for a specific purpose: bringing each of us together.

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  • Buy Low. Sell High. Give Back.

    How St. Lawrence got a Bloomberg terminal on campus.

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  • Hockey and Heart

    Memories and hope combine to support the revitalization of Appleton Arena.

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  • The Extra Mile

    How enrichment travel grants give students a chance to go further.

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  • The Details are in the Devils

    Student researchers discover Laurentian and Martian connections while studying dust devils in the Nevada desert.

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  • Brain Surgeons to Global Thinkers, Laurentians Share Expertise

    Students joined visiting Laurentians for discussion on everything from neurosurgery and politics to real estate law and international relations.

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  • As One

    Shelly Roiger’s coaching philosophy emphasizes connections

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