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Campaign News

Claire Anderson '19, Alex LaMantia '19, Sam Heikkinen '19 and Kayla Nielsen '19 Claire Anderson '19, Alex LaMantia '19, Sam Heikkinen '19 and Kayla Nielsen '19

St. Lawrence University Receives $15 Million Transformational Campaign Gift

St. Lawrence University receives the full funding on a $10 million outright gift and a $5 million planned gift from an anonymous alumnus.

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  • The Importance of Being Laurentian

    It’s always about Laurentians, working together to make the future better. Do that long enough and you build a better history, too.

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  • The Point of Connection

    St. Lawrence alumni are eager to help current students launch meaningful careers. This program makes it happen.

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  • A St. Lawrence Family

    Every Laurentian wedding is another addition to family trees that, in every season, remain scarlet and brown.

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  • An Expansive View of the World

    Financial support helps St. Lawrence students gain a global perspective.

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  • A Personal Gift to Help Renovate Appleton Arena

    “With St. Lawrence, giving connects us to the place and the people.”

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  • Nicholle Found Home, Herself, and Her Future

    Supporting scholarships through the St. Lawrence Fund means greater access to the transformative, St. Lawrence liberal arts education.

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  • Thinking Global

    More opportunities for St. Lawrence students to immerse themselves in new places creates a truly global classroom.

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  • Home Improvements

    Suzy Brush ’80, P’07, ’11 is making sure her grandmother’s legacy is reflected in the contemporary charm and comfort of Laurentians’ home away from home.

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  • Historic Appleton Arena's Ice Rink will be named to honor the Torrey Family

    The ice rink inside the newly renovated Appleton Arena will be named to honor the Torrey family, originally from Montreal. The building will remain named Appleton Arena to recognize the original contribution from the Appleton family in the tradition of Saints Hockey. The Torrey Rink will recognize 100 years of engagement with the University by members of the Torrey family, since their arrival on campus in 1920. 

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