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Laurentians Learn with Dr. Ernesto Moralez

Wed, January 27 2021
7:00pm - 8:30 pm
Office of Laurentian Engagement
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With the New Year comes new opportunities for Laurentians around the world to continue learning.  In partnership with the Alumni Executive Council, the University is launching "Laurentians Learn," a series of webinars aimed at expanding learning opportunities from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and parents on important and interesting topics.

"A Spotlight on the Determinants Driving Health Disparities in the U.S."
with Dr. Ernesto Moralez, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Co-Coordinator of the Public Health Minor

This webinar will explore how factors such as poverty, housing and food insecurity, and lack of educational opportunity -- the social determinants of health -- are a crucial driver of health (and health disparities) in the United States and how they are impacting COVID-19 prevention strategies, morbidity, and mortality.  Dr. Moralez will discuss the heavy burden the pandemic has placed on complex patients (individuals dealing with more than one health condition), and a summary of the potential community-level “aftershocks” of COVID-19.  He will share preliminary results of his findings on how community health workers were not utilized in responding to COVID-19, but how they can still make a difference, particularly in rural areas along the US-Mexico border. 

Registered attendees will receive Zoom login information approximately 24-hours prior to the webinar.  All times are ET.

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Register by Monday, January 25 online or by calling the Office of Laurentian Engagement: 888-758-4438.

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