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  • The Laurentian Celebration

    The Laurentian Celebration

    Jun 14, 5:00pm

    Every Laurentian Loves to Celebrate!

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    Laurentians Learn with Dr. Aswini Pai

    Apr 28, 7:00pm

    In partnership with the Alumni Executive Council, the University presents "Laurentians Learn," a

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    Charter Day Trivia

    Apr 3, 8:00pm

    April 3rd is St. Lawrence's 165th Charter Day and in the spirit of "Laurentians Celebrate

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    Apr 3, 6:00pm

    The Office of Laurentian Engagement, the Office of International Student Services,

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    Laurentian Peace Corps Volunteer Gathering

    Apr 1, 7:00pm

    St. Lawrence University is honored to be the

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