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Join us as we gather to celebrate and sustain our beloved University.

  • HEOP Works Alumni Parade

    HEOP Virtual Roundtable

    Jan 14, 7:00pm
    HEOP alumni and current students are invited to virtually connect within the HEOP-Laurentian
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    Laurentians Learn with Dr. Ernesto Moralez

    Jan 27, 7:00pm
    With the New Year comes new opportunities for Laurentians around the world to continue learning. 
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  • SLU Connect

    SLU Connect Live:

    Jan 28, 7:00pm
    Laurentian alumni and parents in counseling, education, government, law, non-profit, policy, public
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    Reunion Weekend 2021

    Jul 15, 12:00pmSt. Lawrence University
    Join classmates, friends, and fellow Laurentians on campus to celebrate reunion milestones, as well
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