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Emerging Priorities

As The Campaign for Every Laurentian, the largest fundraising effort in St. Lawrence University’s history, enters its final chapters, there are emerging priorities that have risen to the forefront for our community and students.  While the original campaign priorities remain important, we are focusing new attention on several key areas of impact, and hope that every Laurentian will consider supporting them before the campaign ends on June 30, 2021.

Fox Center for Academic Opportunity

The St. Lawrence University community is honoring President William L. Fox ’75 and his commitment to every student’s success by naming the current Center for Student Achievement the Fox Center for Academic Opportunity, located in the recently-renovated Madill Hall.  The Fox Center for Academic Opportunity includes key programs that support the academic journey of St. Lawrence students including Academic Advising, Sophomore Journeys, Career Connections, the First-Year Program, Student Accessibility Services, the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP), and the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program.

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Student Scholarship

Every Laurentian has the opportunity to play a role in providing this life-changing education for another.  Support for scholarships at all levels help the University enroll the very best students, including those who may not be able to attend without generous assistance.  To attract the most promising academic talent regardless of socio-economic status, our financial aid must remain competitive.

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Career Programming

St. Lawrence boasts one of the nation’s premier alumni networks, allowing students to realize their own unique potential by fostering connections.  The Laurentian network also empowers students to contribute more – and more meaningfully – within our community and around the world.  Support for career programming, such as mentorship, internships and expert advice, can help align students’ passions with their futures today.

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Health and Wellness

The depth and breadth of mental healthcare at St. Lawrence are the direct result of two factors: the compassion of the Laurentian community and generous financial support.  The Torrey and Johnson families, along with other donors, have supported health and wellness by expanding in-person counseling services as well as tele-counseling support for students.  The impact of these investments can be seen in the University’s leading graduation and retention rates, as well as the success of St. Lawrence graduates.  Continued financial support is needed to maintain wellness services and expand our offerings, including added availability of mental health counseling, bringing wellness specialists to campus, training for peer-to-peer support or mentoring and more.

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Diversity and Inclusion

To strengthen the bonds of our community for every Laurentian, St. Lawrence will invest in its diversity, inclusion and equity efforts.  Donors can make an immediate positive impact by making a gift to this priority.  Support will enhance a variety of initiatives including a range of events, programs and trainings centered around Diversity and Inclusion, promoting and growing engagement in the Laurentian network to better represent our community, and supporting the IDEAL Initiative (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Across Laurentians)

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St. Lawrence Fund

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic required St. Lawrence to meet multiple, complex technological demands imposed by the transition to remote learning.  The flexibility to meet these unexpected investments was made possible by the St. Lawrence Fund.  Our annual fund has generated over $40 million since The Campaign for Every Laurentian began, providing critical resources to emerging student needs and unique opportunities as they arise.  Every Laurentian can have an immediate impact on our students and campus, simply by making a gift – every year – to the St. Lawrence Fund.

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