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COVID-19 Updates from University Advancement

(Updated June 23, 2020)

With Laurentians seeking information on our engagement and fundraising programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing this webpage to help with quick access to answers. Please know the University remains open and operational while students continue their learning remotely.  We will work to keep this page updated as additional decisions are made.  

  • How do I stay connected to St. Lawrence virtually?

    Every Laurentian is invited to take advantage of virtual engagement options including “Laurentian Connection,” the Laurentian Book Club, helpful webinars and more!  Find additional information about these and other programs that are allowing Laurentians to engage with the University and each other virtually by clicking the link below.

    Click Here
  • What is the plan for Reunion Weekend moving forward?

    Those Reunion milestones and affinities affected by the cancellation of Reunion Weekend 2020 will be invited to participate alongside Reunion milestones next year, which was originally scheduled for June 3-6, 2021, but final dates have yet to be determined. More information will be forthcoming.

    For more information about our plans for Reunion Weekend 2021 and fundraising efforts, click here.
  • Is the University still planning on- and off-campus events?:

    The University has cancelled all on- and off-campus summer events and gatherings indefinitely. Options for fall off-campus events and gatherings are being considered. 

  • What is the latest on the Emergency Student Assistance Fund?

    Exciting news!  Thanks to the generosity of over 400 Laurentians, over $100,000 was given to the Emergency Student Assistance Fund.  With current student need from COVID-19 met through this effort, should you be interested in supporting our students, consider a gift towards another very important student need: student scholarships. 

    Give Now
  • Is the University continuing its fundraising appeals? 

    At this time, all direct appeals for support have been paused.  However, our staff is continuing to work with those Laurentians who wish to support the University at this time. 

    To reach a University staff member about our fundraising efforts, click here
  • How does the CARES Act affect my giving?

    For additional information on how the CARES Act affects charitable giving,

    Click Here
  • Where can I make my pledge payments?

    Laurentians who wish to fulfill their fiscal year pledge payments as scheduled should use the below link.

    Click Here
  • How can I adjust my existing pledge for this fiscal year?

    To Laurentians who have an existing pledge for this fiscal year: we understand if an adjustment in paying the pledge by June 30 is necessary, and will work with you.  Please email Executive Director of Advancement Operations Rich Basler if that is the case. 

    Email Rich Basler
  • How do I make a stock gift?

    Laurentians who would like to make a gift of stock should use the form below.

    Click Here
  • How will I receive my gift receipts and acknowledgements?

    The University is emailing the majority of gift receipts and acknowledgements while staff work remotely, for those with an email address on file.  For questions on these processes or to share your email address, please email Beth Colello, Director of Donor Relations.

    Email Beth Colello
  • St. Lawrence's Plan for the 2020-21 Academic Year

    Following the release of New York State guidelines for reopening colleges and universities, St. Lawrence's plan for the 2020-21 academic year is now available.

    Click here to view the plan.
  • St. Lawrence University’s COVID-19 Response & Updates

    For additional information on St. Lawrence University’s COVID-19 response, updates and announcements, 

    Click Here