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St. Lawrence Fund

Student Giving

Today’s Students. Tomorrow’s Leaders

Students are the lifeblood of the University, and Laurentian donor programs are dedicated to supporting the academic excellence we have all come to know and expect at St. Lawrence. When Laurentians invest in St. Lawrence, they also invest in our students. In turn, our students take great pride in their University, and invest in its current and future excellence by giving during their time on campus.


  • Student Alumni Association

    St. Lawrence’s Student Alumni Association and student giving program are a function of the Annual Giving and Laurentian Engagement departments and focus on educating students about the importance of philanthropy at St. Lawrence. Our initiatives encourage students to get involved in the life of the University and to develop a habit of giving back to their alma mater.

  • Senior Class Gift

    The Senior Class Gift reflects the class, its values, and love for St. Lawrence. Furthermore, it allows the senior class to leave a lasting impression on the University and its students by continuing a commitment to the St. Lawrence experience for current and future Laurentians.

    Recent class gifts have supported student scholarships and experiential learning through the St. Lawrence Fund.

    To learn more about the 2021 Senior Class Gift please contact please contact Beth Dixon, Associate Director of Annual Giving.