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St. Lawrence Fund

Parent Giving

We share a powerful connection...

…the connection of being a member of the St. Lawrence University family—or as we say, a Laurentian. As Laurentians, we believe in the promise of something greater, the connection between opportunities for students and outcomes for graduates. For your student and every student at St. Lawrence, these outcomes include landing great jobs, being accepted into elite graduate schools, the Peace Corps and other next steps that advance our graduates in the direction they want to go.

This is only one reason we ask you and every Laurentian parent to contribute to the St. Lawrence Fund.

You entrust St. Lawrence to challenge students while helping them achieve their goals and set the foundation for a secure and successful future. Laurentian traditions, friendships, academic opportunities, and life experiences help our students define themselves and build the meaningful lives they seek. When you support St. Lawrence, you are strengthening your family’s personal connection to the Scarlet and Brown and deepening the connections students rely on. You inspire others to join you in giving, raise the University’s standing and substantiate its reputation as a transformational institution.


  • St. Lawrence Fund

    The St. Lawrence Fund keeps the University nimble, providing critical resources for new and emerging projects, special services and unique opportunities as they arise.  The St. Lawrence Fund allows us to invest money where it is needed most: student scholarships, learning for the 21st century, the power of connections and campus enhancements.  It’s the difference between being well-equipped and being world-class.  Your gift accelerates the impact on students right now.

  • Senior Parent Initiative

    As Laurentian parents you believe in the promise of something greater, the connection between opportunity and outcome for your student and every student at St. Lawrence. That’s why it has become a tradition at St. Lawrence to ask every senior parent to contribute to the Senior Parent Initiative (SPI).  This annual fundraising campaign encourages parents of seniors to honor their students’ St. Lawrence experience by making a gift towards one of the University's top priorities. 

    Learn about the Senior Parents Initiative
  • Parents Committee

    The mission of the St. Lawrence University Parents Committee is to help identify and put to best use the considerable talents and resources of St. Lawrence parents for the benefit of our students' education, and to provide committee members with opportunities to learn more about the people, programs, and plans of their children's school. 

    Learn about the Parents Committee

Campaign News

  • Parents Giving - Johnson Gift Hero Pic

    Sarah E. Johnson ’82 and Her Parents, Charles and Ann, Donate $25 Million

    St. Lawrence University announced it has received the largest gift in the University’s 161-year history.

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  • Millerchips - Hero

    A Chance to Do Something Great

    The St. Lawrence University Public Interest Corps, launched by President William L. Fox ’75, established an AmeriCorps-inspired program for St. Lawrence students and recent graduates.

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