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The St. Lawrence Fund

2018-2019 goal: $6.8 million

2018-2019 donor goal: 10,000

The St. Lawrence Fund is the cornerstone of Laurentian giving and helps to fuel every student’s ambitions in real time.

The St. Lawrence Fund keeps the University nimble, providing critical resources for new and emerging projects, special services and unique opportunities as they arise.  The St. Lawrence Fund allows us to invest money where it is needed most: student scholarships, learning for the 21st century, the power of connections and campus enhancements.  It’s the difference between being well-equipped and being world-class.  Your gift accelerates the impact on students right now.

Every Laurentian.  Every year.  Everyone counts.

Participate in the campaign through your annual support.

Reunion Giving

Commemorate and Pay It Forward

The Reunion Class Gift is a Laurentian tradition of giving back to the place that provided a foundation for success in your lifetime, and reaches current students on campus now.

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Parent Giving

Partners in Student Success

St. Lawrence continues to make significant advances in higher education while distinguishing itself as a high-quality liberal arts college.  Parents play a critical role in this, as their support provides a flexible source of income that is used to sustain and enhance the most strategically-important projects, programs and initiatives on a day-to-day basis.  

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Student Giving

Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

When Laurentians invest in St. Lawrence, they also invest in our students. In turn, our students take great pride in their University, and invest in its current and future excellence by giving during their time on campus.  

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St. Lawrence Fund Scholars Program

Transforming Aspirations into Accomplishments

To attract promising academic talent, we must stay competitive with our financial aid. We know that Every Laurentian arrives in Canton with different needs.  Our values and our traditions—combined with our financial assistance—make it possible for new generations of students to engage with the St. Lawrence experience.

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Laurentian Stories

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    Finding Tanveer’s History Changed His Future

    No one—including Tanveer Kalo ’18—thought he’d go to college. St. Lawrence did, though, and the St. Lawrence Fund helped make it happen.

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    Committed, to Memories and Alma Mater

    For John Reed ’85 and his wife Leslie Veith Reed ’87, giving to St. Lawrence is personal.

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    A Foundation of Trust

    For Thomas P. Saddlemire, St. Lawrence University trustee and Class of 1970 graduate, the motivation to support the University through unrestricted giving is simple.

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