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The Power Of Connections

Foster Laurentian Engagement

The Power of Connections Generates Lifelong Bonds to Our Community

The Laurentian Community is more than a professional network; it is a passionate, vibrant, diverse alliance forged by a common experience.  To continue to strengthen our community both on-campus and around the world, we must foster engagement through service, inclusivity and creativity. 

Programs such as Laurentians in Residence and Sophomore Boot Camp unite alumni and parents on campus with students eager to listen and learn.  It connects them with the St. Lawrence of today, while providing guidance and wisdom.  Meanwhile, the St. Lawrence University Public Interest Corps (SLU PIC) and annual community service trips allow students to engage with place, whether it be the North Country or neighborhoods across the country.  These programs combine for an ambitious total of $6.7 million.

  • 12

    Goal of 12 SLU PIC participants

  • 108,000

    108,000 hours of community service completed by SLU PIC interns

  • 40

    40 Laurentian panelists at the 2018 Sophomore Boot Camp


  • St. Lawrence University Public Interest Corps (SLU PIC) - $4 million to fully endow the program; Named endowed funds starting at $100,000 each

    A paid 10-week summer internship, this program partners students with local service organizations.  The goal is to increase the number of summer undergraduate interns at North Country organizations from eight to 12 interns and to create up to five, one-year post-baccalaureate opportunities.

  • Community Engagement & Service Trips – $2 million in endowment needed; Named endowed funds starting at $100,000 each

    Increase student involvement and engagement with our local community with a goal of 33 percent participation rate by students.  Increase support for service trips, annual large community service events, transportation, supplies, and administration.

  • Sophomore Boot Camp - $400,000 would fully endow the program; Named endowed funds starting at $100,000 each

    A two-day series of workshops, presentations, and panels intended to foster a culture of early career engagement and deliberate career planning among sophomores.  Funding is needed to support student participation, travel for panelists, follow-up mini camps, and additional internship opportunities.  During the Campaign, our goal is to increase the number of sophomores and panelists participating in the program.

  • Laurentians in Residence - $300,000 would fully endow the program; Named endowed funds starting at $100,000 each

    A two-day event that brings alumni and parents from various backgrounds to campus twice per year for interactive career and professional programming with students. Funding is needed to support the overall program including event costs, travel costs, and marketing materials.

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The Power Of Connections

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