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The Power Of Connections

Enhance Internship Possibilities

The Power of Connections Will Guarantee More Internships

Over 70% of recent graduates took part in an internship at some point during their undergraduate career. Yet, of those, more than a third did not receive any financial support. We aim to guarantee that every student who seeks an internship will not only earn one, but will also be provided institutional financial support.

We are seeking $14 million towards this aspirational idea, and believe support at that level will secure premier professional development opportunities for our students.

  • 72%

    72% of recent graduates earned an internship while at St. Lawrence

  • $100,000

    $100,000 minimum to name an endowed internship fund

  • 97%

    97% placement rate for the Class of 2017


  • Endow Multiple Internship Awards - $100,000 minimum for each

    We aim to guarantee that every student who seeks an internship opportunity will not only get one but will also be provided institutional financial support.

  • St. Lawrence University Public Interest Corps (SLU PIC) - $4 million to fully endow the program; Named endowed funds starting at $100,000 each

    A paid 10-week summer internship, this program partners students with local service organizations.  The goal is to increase the number of summer undergraduate interns at North Country organizations from eight to 12 interns and to create up to five, one-year post-baccalaureate opportunities.

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The Power Of Connections

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The Power Of Connections

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Campaign News

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    The Power of Connections: Internships and Study Abroad

    For undergraduate students, experiential learning and structured studies off campus are priceless. Kiki Tauck Mahar ’91 and Dan Mahar ’88 know this

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  • St. Lawrence Biology Student

    New $500,000 Public Health Gift Increases Campaign Support of Internship and Research Opportunities to Over $3 Million

    Since St. Lawrence University launched The Campaign for Every Laurentian, more than $3 million in gifts and commitments, including a new $500,000 fund for public health, have been raised to support student internships and research.

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  • Gretchen O'Leary '17

    Emerson Challenge Success Just the Beginning

    In 2017, the Fred L. Emerson Foundation challenged St. Lawrence to raise $500,000 in support of St. Lawrence University’s Public Interest Corps within 18 months. St. Lawrence parents and alumni met the challenge in less than 12 months.

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