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The Power of Connections

Anticipated Funds Needed:  $15-20 MILLION

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Every Laurentian Shares a Deep, Abiding Connection

Credit the long, dark winters; the small, intimate campus; or, the isolation from big-city distractions, Laurentians tend to agree: “There is something unique about this place!”  The Princeton Review agrees, as it named St. Lawrence’s alumni network No. 3 in the nation in 2018 and 2019.  That ranking becomes even more material as 97% of recent graduates were either employed or attending graduate school less than one year after Commencement, with many having leaned on a Laurentian connection.

Students need the power of those Laurentian connections today more than ever. Every Laurentian can give them that support by funding internship opportunities and expanding career networking signature programs such as the St. Lawrence University Public Interest Corps (SLU PIC), Laurentians Investing in Networking and Careers (LINC), SLU Connect, Laurentians in Residence, and Sophomore Boot Camp.

Enhance Internship Possibilities

The Power of Connections Will Guarantee More Internships

Over 70% of recent graduates took part in an internship at some point during their undergraduate career. Yet, of those, more than a third did not receive any financial support. We aim to guarantee that every student who seeks an internship opportunity will not only earn one, but will also be provided institutional financial support.

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Expand the SLU Connect & LINC Programs

The Power of Connections Goes Beyond Campus

Building meaningful connections that reach beyond campus is one of the premier benefits of becoming a Laurentian.  The SLU Connect and Laurentians Investing in Networking and Careers (LINC) programs help cultivate connections that influence futures.  We intend to grow and sustain them for successive generations of St. Lawrence students.

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Foster Laurentian Engagement

The Power of Connections Generates Lifelong Bonds to Our Community

The Laurentian Community is more than a professional network; it is a passionate, vibrant, diverse alliance forged by a common experience.  To continue to strengthen our community both on-campus and around the world, we must foster engagement through service, inclusivity and creativity.

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Featured News

  • Originally Published in the December 2019 Campaign Newsletter

    Launching the New Center for Career Excellence

    Developing and launching the careers of St. Lawrence graduates has a new home: the Center for Career Excellence.

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  • Group of students standing outside of eBay office during SLU Connect trip.

    University Receives $3 Million Gift to Launch New Center for Career Excellence

    Inspired by St. Lawrence University’s high priority investment to make career programming a cornerstone of the student experience, Hilary Ayn Valentine '89 has designated her recent $3 million gift to the University endowment as the means to launch the new Center for Career Excellence.

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  • Laurentian for Life

    Laurentians Always Help Other Laurentians, Just Ask

    There’s a reason St. Lawrence’s alumni network is ranked No. 4 in the nation.

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The St. Lawrence Fund is the Cornerstone of Laurentian Giving.  It is a way every Laurentian can participate and make their gift count during this campaign.