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Learning For The 21st Century

Public Health

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21st-Century Public Health with Arts & Humanities Perspectives

St. Lawrence has successfully developed a new public health minor in which students can choose from more than 50 existing courses across 15 different departments. There’s also ample opportunity for them to engage in experiential learning in public health fields from Canton to Calcutta.

The goal is to expand into a cutting-edge, comprehensive program that offers a major and is firmly rooted in the liberal arts. We are expecting strong student demand, and we anticipate the need for financial resources to help support the development of the major.

  • $100k

    $100,000 minimum to establish a Public Health experiential learning opportunity

  • 50

    50 Public Health related courses

  • $2.5m

    $2.5 million to endow a professorship in Public Health


  • Two Endowed Professorships – $2.5 million minimum each

    Faculty specializing in fields such as arts and medicine, infectious diseases, biostatistics, research methods, medical anthropology and will help address existing curricular gaps. Faculty are needed to teach courses in public health, research methods and capstone experiences.

  • Endow Multiple Experiential Learning Funds – $100,000-$150,000 minimum each

    An experiential learning component is a cornerstone of the public health minor.

    Funding is needed in the following areas:

    • Summer internships
    • Research opportunities
    • Off-campus travel
    • Community-based public health campaigns

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Learning for the 21st C - Public Health - Leaders in Public Health
Learning For The 21st Century

Laurentians Emerge as Leaders in Public Health

McCauley had come to St. Lawrence interested in medicine. Then, in her sophomore year, she took a sociology course focused on gender and sexuality. “It really opened my mind,” she says, “and it helped me to think about some of the health issues that I was interested in … but in a different way.”

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    The Wake-up Call of COVID-19

    St. Lawrence’s public health programs take aim at redefining innovation and leadership during turbulent times.

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  • St. Lawrence Biology Student

    New $500,000 Public Health Gift Increases Campaign Support of Internship and Research Opportunities to Over $3 Million

    Since St. Lawrence University launched The Campaign for Every Laurentian, more than $3 million in gifts and commitments, including a new $500,000 fund for public health, have been raised to support student internships and research.

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  • Allie Rowland

    Public Health and Persuasion

    An endowed professorship supports critical inquiry into the ways we talk about and understand health.

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