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Learning For The 21st Century

Global Classroom Experiences

21st-Century Classrooms Expand Learning Opportunities

St. Lawrence has already demonstrated national leadership in international and intercultural studies. The University’s efforts have been recognized with NAFSA’s 2018 Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization, an award that distinguishes excellence in integrating international education throughout all facets of the University. In part, it recognizes that nearly 70 percent of St. Lawrence students take part in 30 research and academic programs in more than 20 countries.

We want to push that percentage higher, especially for students who are unable to take part in semester-long study abroad programs due to athletics, intensive research, or perhaps a lack of financial capacity. Every Laurentian could be a part of investing in St. Lawrence’s global presence. 

  • 74.3%

    74.3% students study abroad

  • $7 million

    $7 million to fully fund the Global Classroom Initiative

  • 50

    50 more students could participate each year


  • Fully endow a summer travel course - $600,000

    Provides $30,000 annually to fund one summer course offered by St. Lawrence faculty across the globe.  During the Campaign, the goal is to fund at least eight summer travel courses annually.

  • Endow the travel component of an on-campus course – $250,000 minimum each

    Provides funding for courses with intercultural travel components, extended visits to scientific labs and field sites off-campus, and co-curricular learning opportunities such as Model Organization of American States (OAS), the Fed Challenge and other successful faculty/student collaborations.

  • Endow a summer travel support grant – $100,000 minimum each

    Provides up to $5,000 annually for a student to participate in a summer international course.

  • Endow a summer internship/field course, language study fellowship – $100,000 minimum each

    Provides up to $5,000 annually for a student to complete an off-campus intercultural internship, language study or field research experience linked to the students’ academic and professional interests.

Featured Story

St. Lawrence professors and students taking part in the Neuroscience of Fear summer course stand outside the Museo Laboratorio della Mente (Laboratory of the Mind Museum) in Rome, Italy.
Learning For The 21st Century

A Deeper Understanding of the Primal Emotion That Connects Us

The Neuroscience of Fear, part of our Global Classroom Initiative, illustrates two priorities of The Campaign for Every Laurentian: Learning for the 21st Century and The Power of Connections.

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Campaign News

  • Summer 2020 Kenya Trip

    Engaging Africa

    Strengthening relationships for the next generation of international leadership

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  • Hannah Markey ’19

    Deconstructing Underlying Assumptions

    “What is women’s empowerment?” For Hannah Markey ’19, this research question cannot be answered until we challenge some underlying assumptions.

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  • Endowing Our Future - Travel and Research Grants - St. Lawrence a Leader for Students

    St. Lawrence a Leader for Students Studying Abroad

    Nearly three-quarters of St. Lawrence University students study abroad during their undergraduate experience, with nearly two-thirds of students studying abroad for a semester or longer.

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