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Learning For The 21st Century

Digital Scholarship and Excellence in Teaching

21st-Century Relationship Between Humans and Technology

Digital scholarship—and the impact on student learning—has now advanced so far at St. Lawrence that faculty voted in spring 2018 to include a tenth learning goal for our students to develop the “capacity to examine critically the relationship between humans and technology.” These innovative pedagogies and projects resonate with students and parents because they both prepare students for the future, as well as maintain the relevance of the humanities as part of the liberal arts.  It is critical that we continue to advance this work at St. Lawrence.

  • 70+

    Over 70 digital scholarship projects now supported

  • 27

    27 Digital Initiatives Faculty Fellows from 2014-2018

Featured Stories

Eric Williams-Bergen introduces the Sophomore Journeys Digital Scholarship Fellows to the new augmented reality software
Learning For The 21st Century

The World As We Know It: Remote transitions and augmented realities

The Campaign for Every Laurentian commitment to Learning in the 21st Century began long before our accelerated adoption of online instruction and has manifest in many different ways across campus.

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Bobby Gates '19
Learning For The 21st Century

Buy Low. Sell High. Give Back.

How St. Lawrence got a Bloomberg terminal on campus.

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Campaign News

  • Liz Regosin and Eric Williams-Bergen '91

    Moving Scholarship from Isolation to Inclusive and Involving

    A St. Lawrence initiative gives professors and students the chance to work within digital environments where knowledge itself becomes interactive.

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  • Janis Broder - Hero

    Art, Dictatorship, and Human Rights in Chile

    Janis Broder '20 is working with Tamara Feinstein, Visiting Assistant Professor, and the Digital Scholarship Group, to build a digital platform supporting their research project: "Forging Memory: Chilean Art and Politics."

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  • Alex Whalen hero

    Researching Local History: Women Together

    Right now, the Women Together collection is only available to those who come to Canton to visit our archives at Special Collections. Our goal is to change that.

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