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Learning For The 21st Century

Creativity in Problem Solving

21st-Century Entrepreneurial Citizens

Forward thinking is already an integral part of the St. Lawrence experience, as students and alumni always have created new opportunities for themselves in all areas of life. We prepare students to be inspiring idea leaders, supportive collaborators, and engaged citizens who solve problems. We will take it another step forward by openly embracing the entrepreneurial approach to challenges and opportunities, helping students to see themselves as agents of change, equipped with a powerful liberal arts education and knowledge of how to bring their ideas to action in the wider world.

Featured Laurentian Story

Learning for the 21st Century - Creativity in Problem Solving - Innovation
Learning For The 21st Century


Everyone likes the sound of it. Everyone is scrambling to prove they’ve got it, but how many people or institutions agree on how to define it or, more importantly, how it fits in with their culture or mission?

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Campaign News

  • Anita Shepard '02

    Making it Work: A Recipe for Success

    In November 2013, Anita Shepherd '02 launched Anita’s Yogurts, a unique brand of coconut milk yogurt. The chemistry alone is a remarkable accomplishment.

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  • Sullivan Student Center

    St. Lawrence Awards Fall 2018 Innovation Grants

    St. Lawrence University announced the Fall 2018 Innovation Grant award recipients, which include purchasing glasses to correct color vision deficiency, chargers for students’ electronic devices, mental health events that take place outside the Counseling Center, alternative alcohol-free first Saturday events, interpretive signage at building entrances, and bat boxes.

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  • Learning for the 21st Century - Creativity in Problem Solving - Unlocking

    Unlocking the Potential of Connections

    Inspired by his love of traveling and his two semester-long study abroad experiences in London and Copenhagen, respectively, Duff, along with two friends at other colleges, came up with the idea for ‘OffWeGo’ during a Spring Break trip.

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