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Learning For The 21st Century

Center for Student Achievement

21st-Century Approach to Academic Advising

Capitalizing on the relocation of our Instructional Technology (IT) services to the Owen D. Young Library to integrate and streamline those functions, the former IT space in Madill Hall has been transformed into a state-of-the-art site for student advising, student access programs, post-graduate scholarship support, academic accommodative services, career connections, and other offices tied to fostering academic skill development.

The Center will not only reflect the latest trends in technology, pedagogy, and design, but its location at the heart of campus will make these offices fully visible and accessible to all, while also reaffirming the importance of our mission to support every student.

  • 7,500

    7,500 square foot facility

  • $4 million

    Total project cost is $4 million

  • 37

    37 individual study and exam rooms


  • Center for Student Achievement
    Center for Student Achievement

    In order to help fund this construction and renovation project, we have identified several naming opportunities. Donors to the Center for Student Achievement (CSA) will be recognized for their generous support with a named space in the Center itself or the Owen D. Young Library.

    These spaces will be visited frequently by St. Lawrence students for generations to come.

    • Name the Building - $5,000,000
    • The Center for Student Achievement - $2,000,000
    • Testing and Study Rooms - $250,000
    • Open Collaboration Room - $200,000
    • Multi-Purpose Room - $200,000
    • Conference Study Room - $100,000


    Spaces Already Named:

    Overman Family Welcome Lobby - $100,000 - Named by Jeffery Pennell Overman '01 and Jaime DeSantos Overman '01

  • Owen D. Young Library

    More space for more student collaborations
    Over the past six months, the University has made several upgrades to rooms in the Owen D. Young (ODY) Library. These renovations give students new spaces to study and collaborate on their academic work. The changes in ODY also provide an opportunity for donors to support our students and the University’s goals by making gifts that offset renovation costs. Donors can name these spaces after family members, mentors, friends or themselves.

    ‘The Yellow Pipe Room’ - $500,000
    Collaboration Space for Students and Staff - $250,000

    Spaces Already Named:
    Wean Family Conference Room - Named by Susie and John Wean P'06 and Britton Wean '06 through The Double Eagle Foundation with a gift of $150,000

    WIlson Family Study Room - Named by Henry K. '89 & Lynne Benedict Wilson '89, P'20, '22 with a gift of $50,000
    Group Study Area - Named by Ann Hasbrouck Close '56 with a gift of $50,000

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