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Learning For The 21st Century

Business in the Liberal Arts

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21st-Century Business Needs Liberal Arts Leaders

Business leaders—from Wall Street to Silicon Valley—increasingly look to liberal arts graduates because they know they have skills that are coveted in today’s corporate environment.  Surveys of top executives indicate they value what is taught at a liberal arts college, such as creative and critical thinking, the ability to work in teams, and communicating well. The business in the liberal arts curriculum is rooted in the premise that a liberally educated individual will bring to bear multiple perspectives and deploy multiple strategies toward solving a wide variety of problems.

To further enhance the business in the liberal arts program—one of the University’s most popular—additional faculty, new courses that connect business contexts with values and ethics, increased experiential learning opportunities, and more 21st-century classrooms and student collaboration spaces are needed.

  • 173

    173 current students majoring in Business in the Liberal Arts

  • #2

    #2 most popular major among students


  • Three Endowed Faculty Positions - $2.5 million each

    These faculty positions could be in any academic discipline such as economics, performance and communication arts, psychology, statistics, history, or English.  Hiring additional tenure-track faculty would allow current faculty to develop additional courses in BUSLA, including:

    • Senior Capstone course that would include case studies and a project
    • Data Analytics course (that would include Excel and ideally be housed in the department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics)
    • Finance and Investment course
  • Hepburn Hall Auditorium Renovation – $1,000,000

    Renovations to existing Mandeville Auditorium in Hepburn Hall to create a technologically advanced learning space offering all St. Lawrence students and faculty greater access to digital resources relevant to their disciplines.

  • Video Conferencing Space - $750,000

    A video conferencing space that allows faculty to bring professionals into the classroom. This is a naming opportunity for a donor.

  • Endow a Course Development Fund - $250,000

    Create additional courses devoted to business-related topics.

  • Endow Multiple Research Awards ($150,000 minimum each) /Internship Awards ($100,000 minimum each)

    Endow multiple student experiential learning opportunities focused on BUSLA.

  • Technology Fund – $100,000

    To support current and future technology needs, including to support the cost of Bloomberg terminals and training software.

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