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Learning for the 21st Century

Anticipated Funds Needed:  $45-50 MILLION

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Preparing Today’s Laurentians for Tomorrow’s World

We live in a world where today’s students will be employed in roles that may not yet exist. The kind of learning needed is more practical than training in a specific skill that may be obsolete upon graduation. A liberal arts education emphasizes independent thinking, formulating and articulating coherent arguments, and developing a passion for continued lifelong learning.

Every Laurentian who contributes to fulfilling this goal will play a role in advancing student learning for the 21st century and will enhance St. Lawrence’s position among the top private liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Sophomore Journeys

21st Century Learning Requires a Personalized Approach

As it did 30 years ago, when the University took a national leadership position on creating first-year programming, St. Lawrence now has students’ second year in mind. The University has created a new approach, Sophomore Journeys, to identify academic and non-academic programming that will address the need for a well-integrated sophomore year.

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Business in the Liberal Arts

21st-Century Business Needs Liberal Arts Leaders

The business in the liberal arts curriculum is rooted in the premise that a liberally educated individual will bring to bear multiple perspectives and deploy multiple strategies toward solving a wide variety of problems.  To further enhance the business in the liberal arts program—one of the University’s most popular—additional faculty, new courses that connect business contexts with values and ethics, increased experiential learning opportunities, and more 21st-century classrooms and student collaboration spaces are needed.

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Global Classroom Experiences

21st-Century Classrooms Expand Learning Opportunities

Nearly 70 percent of St. Lawrence students take part in 30 research and academic programs in more than 20 countries.  We want to push that percentage higher, especially for students who are unable to take part in semester-long study abroad programs due to athletics, intensive research, or perhaps a lack of financial capacity.  Every Laurentian could be a part of investing in St. Lawrence’s global presence through the Global Classroom Experience.

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Public Health

21st-Century Public Health with Arts & Humanities Perspectives

St. Lawrence has successfully developed a new public health minor in which students can choose from more than 50 existing courses across 15 different departments. There’s also ample opportunity for them to engage in experiential learning in public health fields from Canton to Calcutta.  The goal is to expand into a cutting-edge, comprehensive program that offers a major and is firmly rooted in the liberal arts.

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Digital Scholarship and Excellence in Teaching

21st-Century Relationship Between Humans and Technology

Digital scholarship—and the impact on student learning—has now advanced so far at St. Lawrence that faculty voted in spring 2018 to include a tenth learning goal for our students to develop the “capacity to examine critically the relationship between humans and technology.” These innovative pedagogies and projects resonate with students and parents because they both prepare students for the future, as well as maintain the relevance of the humanities as part of the liberal arts.  It is critical that we continue to advance this work at St. Lawrence.

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Creativity and Problem Solving

21st-Century Entrepreneurial Citizens

We prepare students to be inspiring idea leaders, supportive collaborators, and engaged citizens who solve problems. We will take it another step forward by openly embracing the entrepreneurial approach to challenges and opportunities, helping students to see themselves as agents of change, equipped with a powerful liberal arts education and knowledge of how to bring their ideas to action in the wider world.

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Center for Student Achievement

21st-Century Approach to Academic Advising

The Center for Student Achievement is a state-of-the-art site for student advising, post-graduate scholarship support, academic accommodative services, and other offices tied to fostering academic skill development. Creating this new space has enabled us to take advantage of the latest trends in technology, pedagogy, and design, and its location at the center of campus will make these offices more accessible and reinforce the importance in our mission of support for every student.

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The St. Lawrence Fund is the Cornerstone of Laurentian Giving.  It is a way every Laurentian can participate and make their gift count during this campaign.