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Endowing Our Future

Endowed Travel and Research Grants

Endowment Supports Learning Around the World

Laurentians believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit.  For over 50 years, St. Lawrence students have studied abroad, striving to become global problem solvers through research while being immersed in new cultures. 

From travel abroad and student-faculty research, to internships and community service, endowed funds can be established to support experiential learning.  Our goal is to raise at least $10 million towards experiential learning during the Campaign.

  • 88%

    88% of students participate in research

  • $100,000

    $100,000 minimum to establish an endowed travel fund

  • 65%

    65% of students study off-campus

Featured Laurentian Story

St. Lawrence University students standing in front of ancient stone ruins.
Endowing Our Future

Thinking Global

More opportunities for St. Lawrence students to immerse themselves in new places creates a truly global classroom.

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Campaign News

  • Details are in the Devils

    The Details are in the Devils

    Student researchers discover Laurentian and Martian connections while studying dust devils in the Nevada desert.

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  • The Extra Mile

    The Extra Mile

    How enrichment travel grants give students a chance to go further.

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  • Men's Rowing

    FGF2 Proteins and Power 10s

    Evan Ketcham ’19 Prepares for Med School Through Research and Rowing

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