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Endowing Our Future

Endowed Student Scholarships

Endowment Supports The Cultivation of Academic Talent

To attract promising academic talent, we must stay competitive with our financial aid.  We remain committed to providing access to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status. They might be first-generation students or a part of a family legacy. They may hail from the North Country or Northern California, from Kenya or Kyoto.

Regardless of background, we know that Every Laurentian arrives in Canton with different needs. Our values and our traditions—combined with our financial assistance—make it possible for new generations of students to engage with the St. Lawrence experience.

  • $100,000

    $100,000 minimum to establish an endowed scholarship

  • $50 Million

    $50 million goal for endowed scholarships during the Campaign

Featured Laurentian Story

Endowing Our Future Landing - Douglas Story
Endowing Our Future

Laurentians Create Meaningful Legacies Through Scholarships

Actor, author, humanitarian, and philanthropist Kirk Douglas ’39 attended St. Lawrence during the time of the Great Depression and during a time when Jewish people were widely persecuted. His own experiences made him mindful of students who face significant struggles, and his Laurentian spirit of philanthropy inspired him to give back.

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Campaign News

  • Laura Jennings '18

    A Gift of Finding Balance

    Laura Jennings ’18 worked hard, struggling at times, and she arrived at her graduation with a great job lined up. That describes most St. Lawrence students, but it leaves out her transformation into the person she wanted to become.

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  • Munn Family

    Like Father, Like Daughters

    The Munn family triangle consists of a father and his two daughters, three decades, and three initiatives that are exceptionally strong, uniquely versatile, and fundamental to the way that St. Lawrence can analyze and build effective learning environments.

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  • Campus skyline silhouette Hero

    Remembering an Honorable Man

    A simple way to give from retirement accounts—without incurring taxes.

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