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Endowing Our Future

Endowed Academic Programs

Endowment Supports Academic Programs

While St. Lawrence remains competitive among liberal arts institutions and has made significant strides toward being recognized as more selective, there remains much more to do. We must endow our future starting with what we already do so well. St. Lawrence is known for innovations in curricular structure and flexibility, particularly in cross-linking the liberal arts disciplines. This approach to learning empowers students to deal with complexity and enables them to take part in solving global challenges. Recognizing this approach as an institutional distinction, we need to sustain and advance it.

Distinctly St. Lawrence programs like the New York City Semester, Business in the Liberal Arts, SLU Connect, the Adirondack Semester and Sustainability Program need endowment resources to guarantee their existence well into the future.

  • 100+

    Over 100 students have been in the NYC Semester since 2012

  • 220

    220 students have participated in the Adirondack Semester

Featured Laurentian Story

The Power of Connections Landing - Angelo Story
Endowing Our Future

Laurentians Ensure ‘Everybody Knows Your Name’

Judy Hart Angelo ’64 found a way to thrive at St. Lawrence, and then again in Paris, although she had not visited either before committing to them. She was a first-generation college student from the Midwest who made a successful career for herself in New York City, writing musicals and theme songs for television shows like Cheers.

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Campaign News

  • Legally Blonde The Musical

    New $1.5M Endowment for Theater and the Arts

    For North Country native and Class of 1967 alumnus, Bill Martin, recognizing the power of theater has very little to do with whether or not a person ends up on center stage.

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  • Campus Stewardship - Residential Living Spaces - Sustainability Program

    Sustainability Program 2.0

    The Sustainability Program is a year-long, living-learning community at St. Lawrence’s Sustainability Farm, where students live and take courses with other students committed to creating a more sustainable world.

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  • Endowing Our Future - Academic  Programs - Very Laurentian

    Very Laurentian: Aspiration, Experiential Learning, the St. Lawrence Network, History, and Family

    ​​​​​​​New York’s Central Park is one of the most well-known parks in the world. For one Laurentian, though, it’s also a message in a bottle.

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