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Campus Stewardship

Heritage Buildings

Campus Stewardship Requires Taking Care of Our Facilities

Laurentians may not realize nearly half of St. Lawrence’s campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the St. Lawrence University-Old Campus Historic District.  Richardson and Herring-Cole were built in the University’s first decades; Dean-Eaton and Sykes were built in the early 20th century, followed by Appleton Arena, Brown, Valentine and more in the mid-20th century.

Commitments from generous alumni and friends have ensured the relevance and sustainability of facilities such as the Richard F. Brush ’52 University Quad, the Abbott-Young Memorial Beta Temple, Gunnison Memorial Chapel, and Herring-Cole Hall, for another century.  In order to preserve and protect our historic buildings for succeeding generations of Laurentians, we must act now as St. Lawrence’s assiduous stewards.

  • 22

    22 Heritage Buildings on campus

  • $10 million

    $10 million to complete the renovation of Appleton Arena 

  • 1856

    Founding year 1856; oldest continuous co-ed institution of higher learning in NYS

Featured Laurentian Stories

Brush Alumni House
Campus Stewardship

Home Improvements

Suzy Brush ’80, P’07, ’11 is making sure her grandmother’s legacy is reflected in the contemporary charm and comfort of Laurentians’ home away from home.

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Campaign News

  • Dean Eaton

    Residential Needs and Plans Study Group Formed

    A Residential Needs and Plans Study Group has been formed to begin a comprehensive study of Dean-Eaton residence hall.

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  • Campus Stewardship - Heritage Building - Top Historical College

    St. Lawrence University Named A Top 50 Historical College

    St. Lawrence University was named a top-50 college on the National Register of Historic Places by the ranking service Best College Reviews.

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  • Campus Stewardship Landing - Heritage Building Laurentian Story Herring Cole

    Donation Leads to Renovation of Historic Herring Library

    Two years after Cole Reading Room was renovated into a quiet study space with attention paid to restoring the original woodwork, the second half of St. Lawrence University’s historic Herring-Cole Hall will receive renovations of its own, thanks to a generous donation last month by a Laurentian couple.

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