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Campus Stewardship

Appleton Arena Phase I and Phase II Projects

Here We Go Saints!

The Campaign for Every Laurentian saw the revitalization of historic Appleton Arena, the home of the Division I Skating Saints, in February of 2020 thanks to a lead gift from Tom Dolan ’74 and the Dolan Family Foundation.  Now, a generous gift from George W. Karpus ’68 has sparked an expansion of Appleton, set to provide enriched experiences for Division III student-athletes.

The George W. Karpus ’68 Athletic Center at Appleton Arena will include locker rooms and facilities for the men's and women’s lacrosse, field hockey, softball, and men's and women’s rowing teams.  It will also include an expansion of the Michael “Buddy” Cornacchia ’74 Strength and Conditioning Center to prepare Division III student-athletes for competition.  Supporting this exciting, new chapter of Appleton Arena will ensure a successful experience for generations of future Saints.

Rendering of Appleton Phase II Project exterior

St. Lawrence Receives $5 Million Gift to Support Division III Athletics Program

St. Lawrence University has received a $5 million lead gift from George W. Karpus ’68 towards the second phase of the Appleton Arena renovation and expansion project.

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Appleton Naming Opportunities

  • The New Appleton
    The New Appleton

    To help fund the Appleton construction and renovation, we have identified several naming opportunities. Donors to the project will be recognized for their generous support with a named space in the building. These places will be visited frequently by Laurentians and other Saints fans for generations to come.

    1) Karpus ’68 Athletic Center

    New construction will house facilities (from indoor training to locker rooms) for lacrosse, rowing, softball, and field hockey teams. This space also houses a coaches’ strategy room, players’ lounge, video/media center, rowing space, erg space, training and treatment center—with hydro baths and trainer’s office, an equipment and laundry room, and auxiliary locker rooms and wet rooms.

    2) Saints Hockey Complex

    The heart of the renovation, this large area includes men’s and women’s Division-I hockey locker rooms, coaching offices, the training center, media center and more. The donor’s name will be prominently displayed off the Lobby and the North side corridor.

  • Appleton Arena and Men’s and Women’s Hockey Naming Opportunities
    Appleton Arena and Men’s and Women’s Hockey Naming Opportunities

    1) Michael “Buddy” Cornacchia ’74 Strength and Conditioning Center - 
    Named by Thomas C. Dolan ’74, Dolan Family Foundation

    2) The Torrey Rink - Named by an anonymous donor to recognize 100 years of engagement with the University by members of the Torrey Family.

    3) Dolan Family Lobby - Named by the University in honor of The Dolan Family

    4) Men’s Hockey Team Suite - Fundraising underway to name in honor of Joe Marsh

    5) Women’s Hockey Team Suite - $1,000,000

    6) The Stradling Multi-Media Room - Named by Richard F. Jr. ’64 & Gail Stradling

    7) Home Team Bench - $250,000

    8) Athletic Training and Treatment Center - Men’s & Women’s Hockey $250,000

    9) Players’ Lounge - Inside Men’s Team Suite $150,000

    10) Players’ Lounge - Inside Women’s Team Suite $150,000

    11) Visitor/Auxiliary - Locker Rooms $150,000

    12) Saints Store - Retail space in main lobby - $150,000

    13) Box Office/Administrative Offices - $100,000

    14) Penalty Box - Sin Bin - $100,000

    15) Turf Training Area - $100,000

    16) Equipment Room - $100,000

  • Appleton Concourse Naming Opportunities
    Appleton Concourse Naming Opportunities


    1) Legends of Appleton Room - Named by the Torrey and MacAllaster families

    2) Production Studio - Production technicians use this state-of-the-art control room to remotely operate the Arena’s lights, sounds, video, cameras, and other equipment to enhance the experience of watching Saints Hockey, in Appleton and around the world. - $250,000

    3) West Club - Just steps from the seats in the President’s Section on the concourse level, this multi-purpose/conference room hosts Presidential and other University events. - $350,000

    4) Broadcast Booth - On the Red Line, perched on the Concourse level, this space has the view and technology to broadcast play-by-play content of Appleton games, via television, radio, and the internet. - $250,000

    5) Hockey Alumni Lounge - Named by Eric ’78 and Lori Ankerud

    6) East Club – Facing Hall-Leet Stadium and Leckonby Stadium, this multi-purpose/conference room hosts Laurentian events and offers great views of St. Lawrence athletic fields. - $250,000

    7) Concession Stand – Food and drinks, now with a view—from the open concourse—of the game on the Torrey Rink. -  $100,000

  • Appleton Phase II / Karpus ’68 Athletic Center Naming Opportunities
    Map of Division III Athletic Center

    1) Women’s Lacrosse Team Room - Locker rooms and team spaces for women’s lacrosse student athletes - $500,000

    2) Field Hockey Team Room - Locker rooms and team spaces for field hockey student athletes - $250,000

    3) Coaches Strategy Room - A space dedicated to coaches, where they can plan, evaluate players, anticipate plays, and address their squads’ needs - $100,000

    4) Players Lounge - A quiet space where our Division III student athletes can study, eat, and talk with a coach or teammate - $150,000

    5) Softball Team Room - Locker rooms and team spaces for student athletes on the St. Lawrence softball team - $250,000

    6) Men’s Lacrosse Team Room - Locker rooms and team spaces for men’s lacrosse student athletes - $500,000

    7) Video/Media Room - A multi-purpose room, this space gives student athletes and coaches a place to review game videos, and to meet and talk with each other, SLU and League officials, and the media. The flexible layout of this room and its furniture makes it ideal for athletes’ pre- or post-game meals and accommodating press conferences - $150,000

    8) Athletic Training and Treatment Center - This space houses a trainer’s office, the equipment, tables and other tools that help student athletes recuperate and perform at peak levels - $250,000

    9) Rowing Complex - the all-new home for the Saints rowing program, this space includes the 16-station rowing tanks as well as erg machines and other tools for training on campus - $500,000


    View renderings of these spaces.

Legends of Appleton Video

The Legends of Appleton inductees Gina Kingsbury ’04 and Peter McGeough '88 were honored during the Men’s Hockey vs. Clarkson University on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020.

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    The Impact of a $5 Million Gift

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    As part of The Campaign for Every Laurentian, guests returned to campus to celebrate the dedication of Appleton Arena and the 2019-20 Legends of Appleton on Feb. 7-8, 2020.

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