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Campaign Progress


Each of Us, Together

To date, Laurentians have given more than $224,000,000 to the Campaign for Every Laurentian

Most donations to St. Lawrence are less than $1,000.  Since the beginning of the Campaign, these gifts have made a remarkable impact on the students and the University.

Sustaining Saints
Sustaining Saints are Laurentian alumni, parents and friends who have given consecutively for at least three years, or who have given every year since graduation (two-year minimum).

Over the past fiscal year, we've had nearly 3,700 Sustaining Saints!

  • 20,000

    Over 20,000 Donors from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2020

  • $6.9 Million

    Gifts of $1,000 or Less from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2020

  • 62,000

    Over 62,000 Gifts from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2020

The Campaign for Every Laurentian

With a goal of $225 million, this Campaign is the largest fundraising effort in St. Lawrence history.

Exploring the Campaign’s four “Big Ideas” and the St. Lawrence Fund, many donors found a precise need they wanted to help the University meet.


Endowing Our Future

Honoring every Laurentian, these gifts support the scholarly work and collaboration that define St. Lawrence.  Our endowment represents the value of contributions from donors and other designated financial assets.

Since the start of the Campaign for Every Laurentian on July 1, 2015, the University has raised $73 million in gifts and commitments for the endowment.

Of this total, over $18 million has been raised for endowed scholarships that give exceptional students greater access to a St. Lawrence education.

Meanwhile, contributions totaling $10.1 million have funded professorships that bring in academically gifted faculty members who can help our students achieve their goals.

Other fundraising priorities within Endowing Our Future:

Endowed Travel and Research Funds for students and faculty.

Endowed Coaches and Staff Positions for those who work directly with students

Endowed Academic Programs helping students focus on specific curricula.


Learning for the 21st Century

Gifts in support of this "Big Idea" help prepare our students to create careers and even entire industries that may not yet exist.

  • $4.6 Million Fox Center for Academic Opportunity
  • $2.9 Million Global Classroom experiences
  • $5.9 Million Public Health

Other fundraising priorities within Learning for the 21st Century:

Sophomore Journeys, helping second-year students develop intentional learning communities

Business in the Liberal Arts, ethical and informed entrepreneurship

Digital Scholarship, expanding the ways we teach and learn

Excellence in Teaching, recruiting faculty who demonstrate both the highest levels of scholarship and the ability to help students succeed


Power of Connections

Every Laurentian is part of a network that can connect our students and graduates to their next internships, research opportunity, graduate school, job, and opportunities of all kinds.  These gifts strengthen this network:

  • Over $8.9 million in support of the Power of Connections “Big Idea,” which included a $3 million gift to launch the bold, new initiatives of the Center for Career Excellence
  • $549,000 SLU PIC (Public Interest Corps): Supporting students who intern at North Country non-profit organizations that serve communities across the northern New York
  • $350,000 SLU Connect: Helping students network and establish themselves in competitive job markets
  • $137,000 LINC Program:  Laurentian alumni and parents who mentor students on career development

Other fundraising priorities within Power of Connections:

Securing Experiential Learning Opportunities: internships and research positions that help students build specialized bodies of knowledge and demonstrate their skills.

Foster Laurentian Engagement: creating more was for students, alumni, parents, and others to reflect each other’s strengths and strengthen each other’s professional networks


Campus Stewardship

We are forever united by this place.

This campus, the Adirondacks, fall colors blowing into snowy winters – they culminate in the realization that there’s no better place to learn so much about the world, life, and yourself.

Many donors have directed their giving to Campus Stewardship for the express purpose of caring for the heritage buildings and new construction that make this place “home.”

$30.2 Million raised for projects including the Richard F. Brush ’52 Quad, Herring Cole, Appleton Arena, and other campus initiatives.

Other fundraising priorities within Campus Stewardship:

Optimizing Academic Learning Spaces, incorporating new technology that connects students to more learning and research opportunities

General Campus Improvements for Accessibility and Sustainability to ensure that every Laurentian can access every resource on campus and that St. Lawrence increases use of renewable energy


The St. Lawrence Fund

Many donations to the University go directly to the St. Lawrence Fund.  We call it “the cornerstone of Laurentian giving” because this fund gives every Laurentian an important role to play in the support of St. Lawrence and it helps fuel our student’s ambitions in real time.

Since July 1, 2015, gifts to the St. Lawrence Fund totaled more that $44.8 million.

With this support, St. Lawrence provides critical resources for new and emerging projects, special services, and unique opportunities as they arise.  The St. Lawrence Fund allows us to invest where money is needed most: student scholarships, learning for the 21st century, the power of connections, and campus enhancements.  Your gift to the St. Lawrence Fund has a positive impact on students right now.


Every Laurentian. Every year. Everyone counts.

Together, we can light the way for those to come – because we all benefit from the St. Lawrence promise of something greater.

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Last Updated 6/7/2021